Lighting up the Library

As part of an energy efficiency project at the Williamsport Area School District, GreenTech Energy Services retrofit the lights in the Andrew Jackson Elementary School library. The old lighting consisted of can fixtures hanging by wires from the ceiling, each containing two 275-watt metal halide lamps. The lamps and ballast in each fixture consumed a total of 405 watts of energy, and shed a yellowish uneven light that left areas of the room in shadow. They were replaced by new 2 x 2 LED flat panels that produce a white, even light and are nearly maintenance-free (see before-and-after photos below). Typically used to replace fluorescent fixtures, these state-of-the-art panels are only two inches thick, so they lay nearly flush against the ceiling. They provide a long life, require very little maintenance, and are constructed without hazardous materials. Best of all, they only consume 36 watts each, compared to the metal halide’s 405 watts.


The library is just one small part of a much larger project that involves classrooms, offices, gyms, and other areas in multiple buildings throughout the district, so it’s easy to see how the entire project will significantly slash the district’s energy consumption and utility bills.

Jackson Library

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