Our Services

Our team of certified lighting professionals and engineers manage the selling cycle from the introduction, investment grade audit, proposal presentation, project management, installation, and guarantee. Our retrofits combine State of the Art Technologies along with attractive financial rate of returns. All projects are done with licensed in house labor.

Energy Grade Audits

Part of our process is to make sure we understand our customers’ operations so we can come up with the right solution-one that gives our customers control, lowers costs and enhances their working environments. Our audits are designed to identify energy savings opportunities that are in line with our customer’s technical and financial objectives. Audits can range from a total lighting system analysis performed by a Certified Lighting Specialist to an HVAC diagnosis performed by a professional engineer. Our audits provide custom designed solutions for every aspect of a buildings energy consuming environmental systems.

Project Analysis and Design

Once audit data is recorded GreenTech will carefully design Energy Conservation Measures that provide an appropriate balance between maintaining or improving environmental condi

tions according to task, reduced energy usage, impending equipment obsolescence, and financial considerations in each facility area. Our projects are designed on a room-by-room, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for the customer. Project design is a team effort, and all proposals are subject to a final review and approval by the client.

Project Installation

Our customers are our greatest asset. We consider every customer a reference. Project commencement begins at our job start meeting where customer priorities are outlined and work is scheduled. Our team of project managers are certified and have vast experience in all types of government, educational, commercial and retail applications. The majority of work is done by licensed in house personnel. This allows us greater control of the work being performed. We are experienced at working around your schedule. On time, on schedule and to the customer’s satisfaction are our primary objectives.