Celebrating a Milestone

20th anniversary logo

We are very proud to announce that GreenTech Energy Services is celebrating two decades in business. This milestone was made possible through the hard work and expertise of our employees, and the commitment of our company to its mission: to help our clients reduce energy usage, lower utility costs, and improve their work and learning environments with better quality lighting.


When GreenTech was founded in 1994, the energy services industry was in its infancy. We began by retrofitting old T12 fluorescents with new T8s, replacing old HID fixtures with T5’s, and installing basic motion-activated sensors. Since then, the development of LED, advanced control systems, and other new technology has broadened the range of options we’re able to offer. We can help customers make deeper cuts in their energy consumption, reap better savings on their utility bills, and greatly enhance the quality of their lighting. At the same time, an increase in government and utility incentives for implementing energy efficiency measures has shortened the payback for these projects.


We are excited to see what the future holds for energy-efficient lighting, and hope to bring new developments to our customers for many years to come.

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